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Topic: FileMaker Layout Design

So, why is the Scriptology Theme Studio so helpful?

With its combination of useful tools and ever growing collection of attractive layouts, the value of the Theme Studio is pretty high. "I just wanted to save time when working in Layout mode - I wanted to do things faster." said Matt Petrowsky of ISO FileMaker Magazine.

The product pretty much speaks for itself as soon as you start to use it. Since it is itself, a FileMaker database, it centralizes all of your graphical efforts. This really impacts the design process...

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FileMaker Pro Freeware & Shareware

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1. FM 
FileMaker World is a huge site filled with FileMaker Pro files for all to download.
It features a new Open Source model for developing FMP solutions, but there
are also many, many developers' help files, tips and tricks, techniques,
and new releases available.

2. Analyst
for FileMaker Pro
  FileMaker World
Analyst allows any FM Pro developer to easily analyze and document FM Pro
files. Analyst 1.0 Beta is free, even for commercial use.

3. Belimah Tech  FileMaker World
Here you will find a collection of shareware and freeware solutions, including
an Area Codes database, a password storage database with DES encryption,
and a new FMP 5 database with all the keyboard shortcuts for FileMaker Pro.

4. CoreSolutions Development
  FileMaker World
CoreSolutions Development Inc. provides custom database development, web enabled business solutions and FileMaker training to clients across North America. Winners of the 2001 FileMaker Pro Excellence Award For Developing Outstanding Technical and Training Resources for FileMaker. Check their site for the latest Training schedule. Plus you can download, free of charge, their widely accepted FileMaker Pro Development Standards document.

5. d-Werks 
FileMaker World
d-Werks designs and develops custom database and web solutions in Filemaker
Pro and its extended family of products. Industries & projects include advertising,
aerospace, healthcare, sales tracking and filmmaking among others. We specialize
in providing simple yet robust systems with killer interfaces.

6. h2o - FileMaker - une
page sans prétention
  FileMaker World
Dedicated to FMPro and AppleScript for the French-speaking community. With
free small solutions.

7.  FileMaker World
Home of FX.php. FX is a free, open-source PHP class which allows easy access
to your FileMaker data via PHP. (PHP is a flexible, powerful, non-verbose,
well-documented alternative to Lasso. It works with both Apace and IIS.
Best of all, PHP is free too!)

8. Lambert/rubicon 
FileMaker World
Provider of freeware and shareware solutions including Ledger (a free home
accounts package) and Weight a Minute (a weight tracking solution).

9. LFSVR, the
Power Tool for FMPro Developers
  FileMaker World
Pronounced as "life saver", LFSVR provides an interactive, searchable, relational
cross reference of how the various elements in a FileMaker Pro solution
are used. Before LFSVR, making changes in a multi-file FileMaker Pro solution
often had unknown (and far-reaching) effects. Now LFSVR allows you to find
out easily what else.

10. OM FileMaker 
FileMaker World
Alternative Systems offers expert FileMaker Pro consulting services as well
as FileMaker Pro development, training and web design. Our developers are
some of the best in the industry, each one with years of FileMaker Pro consulting

11. Protolight
  FileMaker World
Includes popular plug-ins like Display Toolbox, File Toolbox and Ranges
Toolbox (with more being added!) Also home to FMP_Programming list. As a
service, a beta announce list is provided for upcoming software by David

12. Sacred Writings in FileMaker
  FileMaker World
Here you can find a collection of some sacred writings in FileMaker Pro
databases. You can download and read them with FileMaker 5, or you can read
them as standalone applications. These writings are also available in the
Palm Doc format.

13. SimpleSolutions 
FileMaker World
Buttons & Things Homepage. Free origional graphics, buttons, and ideas for
designing great looking and consistant databases.

14. Trade Solutions 
FileMaker World
A site that advertises shareware custom solutions based on FileMaker Pro.
Preconstructed solutions include Invoicing, Proposals, Rental Accounting,
Contractor's business System and more Free CD Rom for the asking of all

15. WEBformation
  FileMaker World
Webformation is a bookmark manager specificially designed for a great number
of URLs, offering more features than any other bookmark manager.

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