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Topic: FileMaker Layout Design

So, why is the Scriptology Theme Studio so helpful?

With its combination of useful tools and ever growing collection of attractive layouts, the value of the Theme Studio is pretty high. "I just wanted to save time when working in Layout mode - I wanted to do things faster." said Matt Petrowsky of ISO FileMaker Magazine.

The product pretty much speaks for itself as soon as you start to use it. Since it is itself, a FileMaker database, it centralizes all of your graphical efforts. This really impacts the design process...

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FileMaker Pro Templates

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1. Everything
CD for FileMaker Pro
  FileMaker World
Now in it's fourth volume, this CD ROM published by ISO Productions is packed
with over a Gigabyte of FileMaker templates, solutions, and resources. The
CD contents are indexed in a FileMaker database, with quick access to information
when you need it.

2. Database Pros 
FileMaker World
Large collection of free techniques, tips and tricks for FileMaker Pro.
Database Pros also offers FileMaker training and consulting.

3. FileVille  
FileMaker World
FileMaker Pro solutions, templates, frameworks and more at this 'online
community' site.

4. Fmline  FileMaker World
Il sito propone semplici soluzioni sviluppate interamente in FileMaker Pro
per rendere il lavoro dell' utente il piĆ¹ semplice possibile. Qui invece
gli sviluppatori, possono trovare utili tips da integrare nei propri lavori.

5. Mogulsoft 
FileMaker World
Some examples for FMP developers: Speaker Dialing, using sound container
fields; Phone Format Phun, auto-formating US phone numbers; Group E-mailing,
using Applescript; Dynamic Printing (Skipping Blank Fields); Dynamic Field
Formatting Bold, etc.

6. Onega Software 
FileMaker World
FileMaker from the other side. Advanced templates for power users, including
incredible solutions for Help templates and hierarchical interfaces.

7. SoftSolutions 
FileMaker World
Filemaker SOFTSOLUTIONS by Ancillotti Claudio, analisi, sviluppo, software,
database, metalli preziosi, web designer. Analisi e Sviluppo Soluzioni Software
per utenti filemaker pro. Decine di programmi completi per uso aziendale
del settore metalli preziosi: (Riclassificazione Bilancio, Catalogo Agenti,Calendario
Ordini, Statistiche Prodotti etc.) Include BEST TOOLS 3D nuovo magazine
italiano con esempi, trucchi e consigli per chi lavora con FileMaker.

8. Aero Management
- Aviation
FileMaker Pro aviation template FREE download.

9. Aetiket Label Printer 

Aetiket Label Printer is a FileMaker Pro Solution that makes it easy to
print labels of various types and sizes anywhere on a label sheet: one at
a time, in small batches, or whole pages at once.

10. Church Business
Tracki church business operations with a modular design. Easy to use, user
modifiable and superior expandability. Church Business 1.0 tracks families,
donations, charities, collection plates, bank deposits and office expenses.

11. Data Designs 

Data Designs makes software to assist faxing from Filemaker, as well as
several musician's Filemaker solutions

12. Iris
Track your bibliographic references, your notes on references, and any reviews
you write about any one of them on this shareware template. There are several
different report formats available, searching capabilities, and you can
mark records for printing.

13. Iris
Clinical billing and client assessment system. Designed to suit the therapist's
style and needs, with comprehensive billing functions and reports.

14. Iris
Continuing Education
Track Health Professional Continuing Education units and submit annual reports
to credentialing bodies in this shareware template. There are two reports
included, and if you learn a little FileMaker, you can make more.

15. Joel M Bowers &
Associates - Database Design & Support
Filemaker Developers since 1990. We have clients in many states, but mostly
in the North East USA. Custom development tailored to fit the clients needs
and budget. Joel M Bowers, 15 Curtis Road, Hampton Falls, NH 03844 phone
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